How to perform carpet soot removal process?

How to perform carpet soot removal process?

Carpet soot removal can be a frustrating process that users may have to perform since it may require some manual work for effective removal of soot particles sticking with the fibers of the carpet. However, it is also highly important to immediately clean soot residue present on the surface of the carpet since it will not only tarnish the look of the carpet but over the course of time, it will affect the fibers of the carpet as well that may require people to replace the carpet, which might be an extra burden on their budget. Therefore, we recommend users to immediately perform carpet soot removal process explained in this article for both long and short-term benefit.

Supplies required to perform the soot removal process

Users may require a few supplies in order to conveniently perform the carpet soot removal process. In the process, we have used most of the supplies that are usually available at households due to which it would be cost-effectively as well to perform it at home without requiring any professional help. Some of the supplies required are as follows:

  1. Cleaning agent: A few cleaning agents such as baking soda or hydrogen peroxide will enable users to achieve better results. These cleaning agents are also usually available in households as well due to which they will not put extra burden on the budget of users.
  2. Spoon: We recommend removing soot present on the carpet using spoons before performing the cleaning process.Spoons are usually able to remove a significant quantity of soot making it convenient for cleaning agents to clean the carpet.
  3. Vacuum cleaner: It is a highly useful device for removing soot particle and absorbent residue from the carpet. It is important to have this device in order to perform carpet soot removal process.
  4. White cloth: We recommend rubbing affected areas of the carpet with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol in order to achieve standard results. Therefore, in order to apply these solutions, a white cloth will be required.

Steps involved in the process to remove soot from carpet

We recommend taking all the necessary precautions before performing the process to remove stains from the carpet.On the other hand, ignorance to precautionary measures can result in damaging the material of the carpet. We also recommend testing cleaning agent on a hidden portion of the carpet in order to find out its suitability for the cleaning process. Steps involved in the process are given as below:

  1. In the first step, remove soot particles present on the surface of the carpet with the help of a spoon so that it is more convenient to perform the cleaning process at a later stage.
  2. Now, sprinkle baking soda particles on the surface of the carpet that will perform the absorbent action making it convenient for vacuum cleaner to remove soot particles. Let the absorbent settle in for an hour before performing the vacuum cleaning process.
  3. Now, vacuum clean the carpet in order to remove soot particles along with absorbent residue from the surface.
  4. In the next step, soak a white cloth in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution and rub it on affected areas of the carpet in order to achieve thorough cleaning. You can know more about how to make your own dry cleaning solvent here.

How to clean blood stains from household items

cleaning blood stains from household items

Blood stains are a common problem and if they are not quickly cleaned, they can become extremely difficult to deal with. They may be frequently found on clothes since the human body is susceptible to getting hurt in contact with sharp items. These stains may be found on carpet, rug, upholstery, and floor as well where performing the cleaning may be more difficult. Sometimes hiring a janitorial service is required. The cleaning process does depend on the item on which the blood stains are present and the fabric material in case the blood drops on carpet or rug but a standard process with some changes can be applied on all sorts of items. We will describe a standard method for removing fresh and clotted blood stains, which can be modified to be applied to all sorts of items.

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How to Make Your Own Dry Cleaning Solvent

How to Make Your Own Dry Cleaning Solvent


If you asked around, you will find many people who are afraid of dry cleaning. There is a list of reasons to be afraid of dry cleaning such as the high costs and the chemicals used. Commercial dry cleaning is not guaranteed if the business is not trustful. Of course, you can clean the items by yourself most of the time through hand washing but there are some situations where dry cleaning is a necessity to get your clothes clean and fresh.

Homemade dry cleaning solvents may not be as effective as commercial dry cleaning solutions but they are less expensive, safer and will keep your clothes clean and fresh too.
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4 Things that Janitorial Services Are Based on

About Janitorial Services

Let us offer customers a guide to make them understand the janitorial services industry better.

When you look for a janitorial services company, you will hear a lot of slogans such as “we define clean” or “we define janitorial service”. All these slogans need special characteristics to be true. Janitorial services companies that claim to be professional should fulfill all these features. The cleanliness level of them should be high and they should complete all the work for the price you have agreed upon without any kind of problems.

The following criteria are what you should be looking for while searching for the best janitorial services company that claims that it defines janitorial services. These tips are sponsored by Always Preferred Restoration, a Missoula janitorial services company. 
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How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

carpet cleaning company


This is a complete guide for people who want to start their carpet cleaning business or expand their business in somewhere else. We will cover the top points to be considered that you should follow typically to run your business as smooth as possible. 

1. How to Estimate the Prices of Your Services?
You should be very flexible regarding the prices of the services that you will provide. The following points should be considered to be able to estimate the prices of your carpet cleaning services.

• If you are starting your business, keep your prices low and make some special services for fair prices to boost your reputation.
• There should be a range of prices for each of your services. This price should be flexible according to your efforts, the chemicals and the equipment used and the type of the problem you will face.
• Be honest and don’t charge your customers extra money that you don’t deserve. The good reputation is a must in this business.

2. What Certificates Should You Have?
You should have these certificates before starting your business.

• Taxes. You should finish all the paperwork regarding your taxes to avoid any troubles with your government. If you don’t understand the financial problems, hire a financial expert.
• You must have a health certificate in order to be able to start your business and to tell your customers that your place is totally safe. The health certificate also tell the customers that your equipment, your methods of cleaning, your agents and the chemicals you use have been all checked and they are approved.
• You may think that insurance policies are not important but they actually can save your whole business if something went wrong so have one.

3. What About the Competitors?
Every area will have several carpet cleaning companies which will make the competition between all of you tough. Keep an eye on your competitors. Notice their prices, offers, type of customers, quality of work and anything that you can collect. Always make your agency better than them. It is not just about lowering your prices but also about the offers, quality, training, methods, chemicals, advertising and anything that may make your business on the top list.

This is a guaranteed way to promote your business within your area.

4. Additional Points:

• The reputation of Your Business:
You should know that building up a reputable carpet cleaning business whatever this business is takes time and effort and it is the most essential thing in keeping your business running for a very long time. Every job and every customer you have should be treated with your full experience and you must provide the best quality of your services. That is how you will get new customers.

• Advertising:
You should hire a digital marketing agency to handle all your marketing. They will make online ads, banners, brochures, promote your business via different marketing tricks and increase your publicity within your local area.

• Training:
Having trained agents is great and will make more customers trust your business.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Carpet Replacement

carpet replacement

Do you think that carpet replacement is necessary? It is not an easy decision to make when it comes to carpet replacement. We attach ourselves to things like our carpets, our coffee tables and any kind of properties so emotionally; it is not an easy decision.
Also, no one wants to worry about carpet replacement expenses. That is why you need to know when to replace your old carpet.

• Persistent staining and discoloration of your carpet:
When time passes, the effectiveness of the finish of the carpet – which resists stains- fades away. Check out your carpet, if it is full of stains and spots that can’t be removed by professional carpet cleaning, this may be the time to replace your carpet with a new one.
Professional carpet cleaning agents will do their best to get your carpet clean. If the carpet will not be clean again, carpet cleaning agents will advise you to replace it.

There are some difficult to remove stains like wine and bleach stains. if your carpet has many difficult stains, it will be the most practical choice to fully replace it.  

• Awful odors:
When your carpet smells bad, it may be the time to replace it. Awful odors are not welcoming or pleasant thing so you need to replace your carpet as soon as possible before holding an event or having any kind of guests. If you have pets, then the possibility to have a carpet that has a very bad smell increases significantly. Carpet cleaning agencies will do their best to remove the odors out of your carpet but still there are some smells that resist any kind of chemicals and cleaning methods.

Go to a professional carpet cleaning service and ask them to perform a comprehensive carpet cleaning work on your carpet; if this method failed, then it is time to start looking for a new carpet.

Note that if the odor is due to mold, you may need to check your house too in order to eliminate the source of the mold that can be very dangerous to the health.

• Bulges, Tears and Wrinkles:
When your carpet becomes full of bulges, tears and wrinkles, it is probably the time to get it replaced. But before paying your money on a new carpet, assess the old one. If its bulges, tears and wrinkles can be fixed, then fix it instead of replacing it. Assessment of your carpet should include several aspects. Its appearance should be good after repairing it. Its bulges and wrinkles should be hidden and the carpet should not be a danger to the people walking in the house.

• Allergies:
If your carpet is old, it is probably full of allergens which may cause allergic reactions to both people and pets. Allergic reactions like sneezing and eye watering that happen without an apparent cause may be due to the accumulation of allergens within your carpet.
After a decade, the carpet should be replaced and of course it should be regularly cleaned by professionals to eliminate any source of allergies.

Carpet Cleaning Tips: How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

Carpet Cleaning Tips How to Get Rid of Bad Smells


Bad smells are inevitable. There are many types of smells and each one differs in how you should deal with it.
An essential part of getting your carpet as clean as if it is new is to get rid of the bad smells. Don’t think immediately of changing your carpet once it has a bad smell; it just needs to be cleaned in a specific way.

I know that when your carpet becomes full of dust, you think that it must be replaced but that is not true.

1. General Bad Smells:

The following tips will help you a lot to deal with bad smells in general.

• If you have a solid area, deal with it first. Remove any dried on spills, dap soap on any noticeable spills and blot away wetness. This step is necessary before starting your cleaning process.
• The usage of baking soda is essential too. It neutralizes the smells. Have a large amount of baking soda because you will need it to make a thin coat over the stains and the smells.
• If baking soda does not work on its own, make a homemade solution using 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of liquid soap, and 1 liter of water.
• Spray the area where the stain and the smell come from and wear gloved while doing this. It is better to wear gloves during the whole process of cleaning too.

2. How to Deal with Smoke Odors?  

Here is how to get rid of smoke odors.

• You will need 2-3 bowls of white vinegar or ammonia. You should leave enough room on the top of the bowl in order not to slosh over the sides. Keep the bowl out of the room with the carpet. The smoke odor will not be completely removed but it will refresh the smell of the room and the carpet. The mixture of white vinegar and ammonia will create a toxic gas; it will not create a more powerful mixture as some people think.
• leave the ammonia or the white vinegar to sit for 24-48 hours. Keep your pets and kids away from the room during this period.
• Use baking soda as we mentioned before.
• Use white vinegar into a steam cleaner as it is a powerful acidic carpet cleaning solution that will kill any bacteria.

3. How to Deal With Pet Smells?

Here is how to deal with pet smells.

• Any remaining wetness should be soaked up using a paper towel to clean the urine spot. If the spot is dry, use clean water and a paper towel to clean the spot.
• The best solution to use is green dish detergent using a soapy towel to clean the area.
• The usage of baking soda is essential too. Allow it to sit for 24-48 hours.
• White vinegar is effective too and you can apply it over the baking soda.

There are many smells and stains so when you face any of them, search for the proper way to clean it.

How to Deal With Salt Stains on Commercial Carpets

How to Deal With Salt Stains on Commercial Carpets


Winter is famous for salt stains that gather on the high traffic areas of the carpets especially in companies and crowded houses. In order to get rid of these stains, you will put great efforts that may lead to more stains of severe damages to the carpet.

This guide will help you to make your carpet look better and increase its life span. Let’s start with understanding why these stains occur in the first place and why usual cleaning methods and products are not useful here.

1. What Is Salt?
In winter, we use rock salts and many other products to melt snow and ice on the carpet. These products usually contain salt chemicals such as NaCl, CaCO3, and MgCO3. The myth says that the previous chemicals are acidic but actually they are highly alkaline products with PH levels between 8 and 11.

You may ask now, why is this information important anyway? Alkaline chemicals are the cause of the white, chalky residues left on the carpet when the water produced by ice and snow evaporates.

The most common mistake everyone does is trying to treat these stains with usual chemical products which cause further problems.

Most carpet cleaning products are highly alkaline too. Now you get why we talked about salts in the first place and I think you now get the whole problem.

The cleaning product is supposed to neutralize the stains but instead of this, the alkalinity increases which makes the problems worse.

When you don’t know what mistake you are doing, you will just keep adding chemicals over the stain which will make permanent damages to your carpet.

Don’t make appearances fool you. Once the carpet dries out, you will find a big stain.

2. How to Prevent Salt Stains On Carpets?
The following tips will help you to decrease the damages.

• Clear the snow regularly from high traffic areas to reduce the amount of water over the carpets and subsequently decrease your usage of chemicals.

• Have welcome mats, make an area for your workers to change their shoes and have a sign that tells everyone to wipe their feet. These simple tricks are effective.

• At high traffic areas, put commercial floor mats.

• Hire a professional carpet cleaning agency to help you. They will give you valuable tips and of course will get your carpets as clean as if they are new.

3. How to Get Rid of Salt Stains on Carpets?
Now, you understand why you should not go for the usual methods to get your carpet clean. The following solutions are the best.

• Use a high-powered steamer. It has the ability to remove any residues of ice or salts and will clean the whole area and remove the whole stain properly.

• If you are going to use chemicals, use acidic ones only. Vinegar-based solutions are the best.

• Hire a professional carpet cleaning agency that will keep your carpets clean. Make sure that they are certified, have the best equipment and the best stuff that knows exactly how to deal with your specific problems.

Why Winter Is The Best Season For Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Winter


Winter is considered a perfect season for carpet cleaning. Winter is the season when you don’t pay enough care to cleaning your carpet as it is a holiday’s season and your kids will be on their vacation during it too. Yet, it is considered a perfect season to get your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning agency.

• Winter is he holidays’ season:
Winter is known for having many holidays. You may have a holiday at Christmas and your kids may throw a party during the mid-year vacation so your carpet will certainly will get dirty by some drops of wine or a stain of a visitor’s pet.

After the holidays’ period, you may be exhausted from cleaning around and hosting events but actually it is the right timing to hire a professional carpet cleaning agency to get your carpet clean again.

When summer comes with its vacations and parties, your carpets will be new again and ready for the new parties too.

• Bugs Elimination:
In the winter, most of the bugs will not be a problem for you as they will either die or disappear. They will disappear either in the walls or within your carpet fibers. When spring comes, the bugs will reappear again. Bugs are a very serious problem especially if you have kids or pets. The health of your pets and kids is compromised by fleas the will live within your carpet during winter or bed bugs that may be very dangerous your pets.
That is why you need to get your carpet clean in winter to eliminate any kind of bugs.

• Extra Money:
If you are worried that you may not be able to afford professional cleaning of your carpet, let me tell you that winter is the best season to get your carpet done professionally as nearly everyone will have extra money in winter.

• Preparing Homes for Showing:
Spring is the main season for real state agencies. In addition to real state agencies, if you want to sell your home for sale in spring, perhaps you need to have your carpets clean before starting to look for a buyer. Carpets will give a message to the buyer that the house is taken care of so if you have any kind of stains over the carpet, you may find some difficulties in selling the house.

As I mentioned that the best season for selling your home is spring so you may need to take care of the carpets during winter if you are going to sell your house during spring.

• Green Cleaning:
Some people worry that when professional carpet cleaning agencies work in winter, they use chemicals that may harm your kids and pets. Well, let me tell you that green cleaning agencies are everywhere nowadays so you can have your carpet clean without the need to stay out of home for hours or leaving the house without a carpet. You also don’t have to worry about your kids and pets as green cleaning products are safe.

What to Know Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

When it comes to professional services, each company has its own terms of operation. While some carpet cleaning companies will promise quality service at a lower price, chances are you might not get it. It’s important to understand that hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is a big decision and can be confusing due to the high number of companies claiming to offer the service. You wouldn’t want to hire someone from the streets and trust them with your home without knowing anything about them, would you?

Having your carpets professionally cleaned ensures that the members of your household are protected from any breathing complications arising from dust and dirt accumulation. The frequency of cleaning your carpets will depend on your lifestyle and foot traffic. Some of the benefits of professional carpet cleaning include eliminating trapped pollutants, clearing out dust mite infestations, and helping to prevent mold growth. Here are some great tips on what every homeowner needs to know before they hire a carpet cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning Experience and Reviews

Perhaps there’s something you’re good in your line of profession and career and you know that it’s not just enough to have the right knowledge in your field. Experience is important as well. When looking for a carpet cleaning service, one of the things you must ask is the company’s experience. Find out how long the carpet cleaner has been in business. You might need to ask for references so you can get feedback from past clients on the quality of their business. It’s recommended to ask your family, friends, or neighbors for carpet cleaners they’ve hired before and their past experiences with them. Watch out for many poor ratings and reviews as this can be a red flag.

Industry Trainings and Certifications

Be sure to find out if the carpet cleaners have any type of professional training and certifications. If you’re hiring a carpet cleaning company, ask how they hire their cleaning technicians. Consider hiring carpet cleaners with certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. Of course, there are other certifications that are relevant and should be considered as well.

Carpet Cleaning License and Insurance

When contacting a carpet cleaning company, one of the first things you should ask is whether they are licensed to operate within your local area. Your local government website could also have a list of registered carpet cleaning companies. The other important documentation a professional carpet cleaning company should have is the workman’s compensation insurance. You don’t want to take liability for any damage or injuries caused during the carpet cleaning process. Hire a company that runs background checks on its staff.

Carpet Cleaning Price

Each company has its own rates. However, when you come across a carpet cleaning company whose price sounds too good, you might want to give it a second thought. While you should never choose a company on what they are charging, it’s important to ask for estimates from several companies and compare. Choose a carpet cleaning service with reasonable rates but committed to providing you with quality carpet cleaning. Don’t forget to read the fine print in your agreement.

In conclusion, other things you should find out before hiring a carpet cleaner includes what’s included in their cleaning service, the cleaning supplies they use, the carpet cleaning method to be used, and if they guarantee their work, and for how long.