How to Deal With Salt Stains on Commercial Carpets

How to Deal With Salt Stains on Commercial Carpets


Winter is famous for salt stains that gather on the high traffic areas of the carpets especially in companies and crowded houses. In order to get rid of these stains, you will put great efforts that may lead to more stains of severe damages to the carpet.

This guide will help you to make your carpet look better and increase its life span. Let’s start with understanding why these stains occur in the first place and why usual cleaning methods and products are not useful here.

1. What Is Salt?
In winter, we use rock salts and many other products to melt snow and ice on the carpet. These products usually contain salt chemicals such as NaCl, CaCO3, and MgCO3. The myth says that the previous chemicals are acidic but actually they are highly alkaline products with PH levels between 8 and 11.

You may ask now, why is this information important anyway? Alkaline chemicals are the cause of the white, chalky residues left on the carpet when the water produced by ice and snow evaporates.

The most common mistake everyone does is trying to treat these stains with usual chemical products which cause further problems.

Most carpet cleaning products are highly alkaline too. Now you get why we talked about salts in the first place and I think you now get the whole problem.

The cleaning product is supposed to neutralize the stains but instead of this, the alkalinity increases which makes the problems worse.

When you don’t know what mistake you are doing, you will just keep adding chemicals over the stain which will make permanent damages to your carpet.

Don’t make appearances fool you. Once the carpet dries out, you will find a big stain.

2. How to Prevent Salt Stains On Carpets?
The following tips will help you to decrease the damages.

• Clear the snow regularly from high traffic areas to reduce the amount of water over the carpets and subsequently decrease your usage of chemicals.

• Have welcome mats, make an area for your workers to change their shoes and have a sign that tells everyone to wipe their feet. These simple tricks are effective.

• At high traffic areas, put commercial floor mats.

• Hire a professional carpet cleaning agency to help you. They will give you valuable tips and of course will get your carpets as clean as if they are new.

3. How to Get Rid of Salt Stains on Carpets?
Now, you understand why you should not go for the usual methods to get your carpet clean. The following solutions are the best.

• Use a high-powered steamer. It has the ability to remove any residues of ice or salts and will clean the whole area and remove the whole stain properly.

• If you are going to use chemicals, use acidic ones only. Vinegar-based solutions are the best.

• Hire a professional carpet cleaning agency that will keep your carpets clean. Make sure that they are certified, have the best equipment and the best stuff that knows exactly how to deal with your specific problems.

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