How to clean blood stains from household items

cleaning blood stains from household items

Blood stains are a common problem and if they are not quickly cleaned, they can become extremely difficult to deal with. They may be frequently found on clothes since the human body is susceptible to getting hurt in contact with sharp items. These stains may be found on carpet, rug, upholstery, and floor as well where performing the cleaning may be more difficult. Sometimes hiring a janitorial service is required. The cleaning process does depend on the item on which the blood stains are present and the fabric material in case the blood drops on carpet or rug but a standard process with some changes can be applied on all sorts of items. We will describe a standard method for removing fresh and clotted blood stains, which can be modified to be applied to all sorts of items.

Supplies Required for Blood Stains Cleaning Process

There are different methods of cleaning stains from household items, which require high-grade items. However, in this article, we will explain a simple process, which can be performed at home. It will require common household items and anyone with basic understanding will be able to perform it. The supplies required are as follows:

  1. The Cleaning Agent or Soap: A cleaning agent may be required in order to effectively clean the stains. Cleaning soap can also be used in order to remove the average stains.
  2. Hot Water: This will help in removing the stains along with soap. Water will provide a medium to the soap to perform the cleaning.
  3. Scrubber: A scrubber may be required in order to remove the hard and stubborn stains.
  4. Spray Bottle: A spray bottle may help in applying the cleaning solution to the area where the blood stains are present.

Performing the Cleaning Process

Following steps are involved in performing the cleaning process:

  1. Earmark the areas where the stains are available so that the cleaning solution can be applied. Test the response of the cleaning agent on the material of the item, which needs cleaning. Change the agent if the response is adverse.
  2. Now, pour some water on the affected area and remove as much blood as you can.
  3. Apply the cleaning solution to the affected area. The cleaning agent will break the bond between the stains and the material.
  4. Rub the area with the help of a scrubber or a cloth in order to clean it.
  5. Keep on rubbing until the stains have been removed.
  6. Now, dry the area with the help of a cloth.
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